November/December 2014 Recipes...

Savory Roasted Almonds

These roasted almonds are a great healthy snack for when you're craving something salty and crunchy.  Make them ahead of time, and portion them out into small containers so they'll be ready when you need them!

savory rosemary roasted almonds.  perfect homemade healthy snack!  by homemade nutrition -
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Apple Cheddar Panini

This Panini is a simple, delicious vegetarian meal that is ready in ten minutes or less!  The flavor combination of the apple, cheddar, and cracked black pepper is beautiful because it is both sweet and savory at the same time.  Perfect Meatless Monday meal!

homemade apple cheddar panini.  Healthy vegetarian sandwich perfect for meatless mondays!  by Homemade Nutrition (
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Cheesy Broccoli and Brown Rice Casserole

Broccoli and cheese were made for each other.  And everybody love a good broccoli, rice, and cheese casserole.  But this dish can be really heavy with creamy soup bases, white rice, and lots and lots of cheese.  This lighter version is satisfying healthy comfort food without all of the guilt!

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Cinnamon Cream Cheese Dates with Walnuts and Honey

These stuffed dates are a simple sweet appetizer or quick snack.   Perfect last minute recipe to bring to a holiday gathering!  A beautiful dish with Just five ingredients and only takes a few minutes to prepare!

homemade cinnamon cream cheese stuffed dates with walnuts and honey.  Sweet and decadant! Homemade Nutrition
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Vegan Slow Cooker Tortilla Soup

This super healthy vegan version of tortilla soup that takes just 10 minutes to prep and finishes in the slow cooker.  Fabulous easy and affordable Meatless Monday recipe!

homemade vegan slow cooker tortilla soup.  So light and healthy!
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Tips to Be Well this Holiday Season - Part 2

It's almost here!  Christmas is only a few days away so I thought I'd share a few more of my healthy holiday tips for some last minute ideas on staying on track and feeling great even in the midst of all the craziness that is typical of this holiday week. 

Healthy  Holiday Tips
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Crispy Kale Chips

One of the many awesome things about vegetables is that you can prepare them so many different ways!  Kale, oil, and a little salt and pepper come together to transform this healthy,hearty leafy green into "chips."  They are crisp, crunchy and are a perfect substitute for regular chips.  This snack is healthy, affordable, and packed with nutrients!

crispy kale chips - perfect salty, crunchy snack that replaces chips!
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Dark Chocolate Peppermint Bark with Almonds and Cherries

"Easiest dessert” award goes to this recipe!  This chocolate peppermint almond bark is simple to make and is absolutely beautiful.  It’s the perfect holiday gift to share with friends and family!

This chocolate peppermint almond bark is simple to make and is absolutely beautiful.  It’s the perfect holiday gift to share with friends and family!
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Four-Ingredient Mini Frittatas

Four ingredients come together in minutes to make this delicious, affordable, gluten free, vegetarian meal.  Mini Frittatas are perfect anytime of the day!

four ingredients and less than 20 minutes to these cheesy mini frittatas!  Gluten free, vegetarian, and delicious!
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Tips to Be Well this Holiday Season-Part 1

We are almost halfway through December!  I don’t know about you, but it feels like the holidays are flying by!  Have you taken some time to think about your health and well being in the last few weeks? Or last couple of months for that matter?  It’s easy to get caught up in focusing on all of the other demands in life and thinking about everyone else this time of year, and stop thinking about yourself and your health. 

have a healty holiday.  Health tips to get you through the holiday season.
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Slow Cooker Baked Beans with Ham

This is a quick, hearty one-pot slow cooker meal.  It's a healthy twist on traditional baked beans or pork and beans! 

Slow cooker baked beans with ham.  One pot heart healthy quick dinner!
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Last Minute "Food For Thought" Before Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a wonderful tradition of spending time with family and celebrating the things we are grateful for.  With all of the fun and festivities, it's easy to get caught up in the food that has become a focal point of this special day.  I've got a few final thoughts for you before the big day arrives!

healthy tips and some "food for thought" on Thanksgiving!
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Roasted Butternut Squash:  Sweet and Savory Versions

I love vegetables.  And by love I mean I have a slight obsession with figuring out the best ways to cook and eat these little treasures, which probably means becoming a dietitian was a smart choice for me!  With fall in full-swing and Thanksgiving just around the corner, I thought what better way to start my adventures in blog-land than with a few ways to cook one of my favorite fall veggies!  These recipes can be used as some really nice sides at your Thanksgiving table, or pretty at any meal, because they are simply delicious!

To the right, you'll find a picture of a butternut squash.  And while I keep referring to it as a vegetable, butternut squash is technically a fruit since it has seeds inside.  But since it's not very sweet and is usually cooked like a vegetable, most people, including me, consider it a veggie.  However you choose to classify it, this squash is packed with nutrition.  It is an excellent source of fiber, vitamins A and C, potassium, and more!  It tastes almost exactly like pumpkin so can be used in similar ways.  And while it takes a little work to peel and chop, the results are completely worth it!

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