Last Minute "Food For Thought" Before Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a wonderful tradition of spending time with family and celebrating the things we are grateful for.  With all of the fun and festivities, it's easy to get caught up in the food that has become a focal point of this special day.  I've got a few final thoughts for you before the big day arrives!

healthy tips and some "food for thought" on Thanksgiving!

First, eat the stuff you really like.  There is usually A LOT of food on the table at Thanksgiving.  We usually have turkey, dressing, potatoes, and what seems like 40 other sides (I know, slight exaggeration...)  But really, what are the chances that you truly like every single item on the table?  Choose the foods that you really like, and don't eat the ones you don't like as much.  This will save you from eating extra food just because it's there.


Think about foods that you only get this time of year that aren't available to you the rest of the year.  Is this the only time that you eat dressing?  Cranberry sauce? Green bean casserole?  If so, make those the things you savor at your meal.  Skip over the items that you eat regularly during the rest of the year...maybe you eat mashed potatoes and rolls on a regular basis so you that's something you could skip on Thanksgiving.  You'd be surprised at how much better you'll feel later by being a little more selective about your Thanksgiving plate. 


Savor the day.  Yes, we have a lot of special food at Thanksgiving, but don't forget the true meaning behind the day:  Celebration of family, friends, and all of the things we are thankful for.  Take some time to appreciate the special time with your family, friends, and all the things in your life that are amazing.  Life is beautiful.  Celebrate it. :)


Lastly, Remember that one day of eating "bad" or just too much is not going to throw off your whole eating plan.  So don't feel guilty about eating and enjoying every single bite your Thanksgiving meal.  Enjoy the day.  Eating well and staying on track with your health goals is something you can get back to the next day.  


Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving, and Happy Eating!



healthy tips for Thanksgiving

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    Julie A (Thursday, 27 November 2014 00:47)

    Good advice! You also bring to mind something I know I'm guilty of...maybe others are too...taking servings of sides made by our loved ones, just so we don't hurt their feelings. I think I'll try passing on these "less favorite" dishes, politely, to save for the favs!

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    Amber Ketchum (Thursday, 27 November 2014 21:49)

    That's such a good point that we often eat those items just because we think someone's feelings will be hurt if we don't - especially when it probably wouldn't even be noticed if you pass on a couple of those sides! Thanks for the comment!