June 2015 Recipes

Easy Grilled Parmesan Zucchini

This quick grilled parmesan zucchini is ready in minutes and makes the perfect side dish or addition to sandwiches, wraps, pasta, or salads.  It's also gluten free and a family-friendly recipe that everyone is sure to love!

Grilled parmesan zucchini is one of the best ways to enjoy this delicious family-friendly veggie.  This recipe has only 5 main ingredients and comes together in minutes!  You can also use this several different ways.  www.homemadenutrition.com
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Updates on Beef, Protein, and an Easy Weeknight Meatloaf 

Recently I had an amazing opportunity to spend time in Fredericksburg and Mason, Texas with a small group of dietitians learning all about beef from experts in the field (literally, we went outside for this stuff!).  This experience taught me so much - I came away with a whole new perspective along with some updated nutrition information to share (and a few pics from the trip).  I also have an easy meatloaf recipe at the end of this post that's so simple, it can be made on a weeknight!  

A simple, easy meatloaf recipe perfect to have on hand for a special meal even on a busy weeknight! - www.homemadenutrition.com
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Apple Pie Breakfast Smoothie

Apple pie for breakfast?  You bet!  This apple pie breakfast smoothie tastes like a treat, but it's healthy and ready in under 5 minutes!

Apple pie for breakfast?  You bet!  This apple pie breakfast smoothie tastes like a treat, but it's healthy and ready in under 5 minutes!
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Strawberry Basil Lemonade

Nothing says summer like fresh strawberry basil lemonade!  There's also a bonus recipe for a strawberry basil-chia variation at the end of the post!

Nothing says summer like fresh strawberry basil lemonade!  There's also a delicious chia seed lemonade variation!  - www.homemadenutrition.com
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Whole Grain, Fruit, and Yogurt Parfaits

This whole grain yogurt parfait has a unique texture from using cooked whole grains, such as brown rice, farro, or barley.  It's packed with protein and probiotics from the Greek yogurt, sweetness from fresh fruit, and a crunchy bite from almonds.  This is a fantastic vegetarian meal anytime of the day!

These parfaits have cooked whole grains (brown rice, farro, or barley), Greek yogurt, fresh fruit - it's a high protein, high nutrition meal that's a perfect start to the day!  - www.homemadenutrition.com
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Fast Italian Chicken and Spinach Panini

This Italian chicken panini recipe is very weeknight-friendly - it comes together in just a few minutes and is full of flavor and melty, cheesy goodness!

This Italian chicken panini comes together in minutes and is perfect for a quick weeknight meal!  Plus it can be made all in one skillet or on a panini press, so cleanup is a breeze! - www.homemadenutrition.com
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Sweet Potato Gnocchi with Sautéed Black Beans and Veggies

These sweet potato gnocchi have a Southwestern flare with sauteed veggies, black beans, spices, and fresh cilantro.  This is fantastic, flavorful vegetarian meal!

These southwestern sweet potato gnocchi with sauteed black beans, veggies, and cilantro are an amazing, satisfying vegetarian dinner.  These are so flavorful!  www.homemadenutrition.com
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Easy Cheesy Beef Tacos

These easy crispy beef tacos take just a few ingredients and a few minutes to make. They're high in protein, gluten free, and completely delicious!

Easy, cheesy beef tacos are so simple to make with just a few healthy ingredients and about 20 minutes total.  Easy high protein, gluten free weeknight dinner! www.homemadenutrition.com
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Layered Mango and Green-Apple Smoothie

My first layered smoothie is here!  This mango and green apple layered smoothie is a fun and different way to get your fruit and veggies packed all into one delicious and portable meal!

This layered smoothie has a sweet mango-banana base with an apple, greens, and tea smoothie on top.  It's a whole new world of flavor with two smoothies in one! - www.homemadenutrition.com
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