Tasty Sandwiches for Busy Days

I had the pleasure of going on Great Day SA earlier this week to share recipes for one of my favorite foods:  Sandwiches!  

Sandwiches are a quick and versatile way to get healthy meals into a busy week.  Here are two easy and delicious sandwich recipes I featured on Great Day SA!

Sandwiches are definitely under-appreciated (in my opinion) when it comes to quick meals options.  A sandwich made the right way can be a great source of protein, heart-healthy whole grains, and veggies.  It's also fun and pretty easy to come up with different combinations for fillings that work well for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. 


Earlier this week, I went on Great Day SA to share two sandwich ideas from the blog that make for wonderful breakfast, lunch, or dinner options! Click here to watch the segment, and click on the pics below for the recipes.  


First up:  Lighter bacon egg salad makes a beautiful base for a cold sandwich to enjoy for breakfast of lunch!  

This lighter egg salad recipe packs a ton of flavor and texture with the addition of bacon and green onions.  It's a great healthy breakfast or lunch option!

And if it's a hot, creamy dinner sandwich you're looking for, my cheesy baked chicken and spinach sandwiches are the perfect treat! 

Rotisserie chicken is the perfect base for this easy cheesy baked chicken and spinach recipe.  It's a fast and healthy dinner that's perfect any day of the week!

This last one wasn't a part of the segment, but it's too good not to share in this post!  These easy freezer-friendly breakfast sandwiches go straight from freezer to microwave to tummy in just a few minutes.  They're SO good! 

Here's to healthy homemade "fast food!" :) 


Happy Eating! 


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